Quiz Schedule and Study Guides

This schedule lists the short quizzes given during the term, as well as the material each quiz covers.

Most weeks will have one quiz only, but note that weeks 2 and 3 each include two quizzes.

Each quiz will have its own Quiz Review video. Be sure to watch the review video before taking the quiz. The quizzes are “open book” — you may refer to review videos, notes, etc. when taking a quiz. You will have only one attempt for taking each quiz.

Be sure to submit the quiz (using the Submit button)! Then you will be able to see your grade in the Grades tab in Canvas.

Grades: each quiz has 5 multiple-choice questions; each question counts 8 points. Therefore a perfect quiz score is 40.

Makeup quizzes are given only in the case of excused absences.

Week Topic Quiz Material
Week 1 No quiz
Week 2 Basic acoustics: sound waves amplitude, SPL

More acoustics: periodic waves, waveform displays, Fourier analysis; harmonic partials, additive synthesis, inharmonic partials
Quiz 1; Quiz 2 Acoustics reading
Quiz 1 Study Guide

Acoustics 1 app
Quiz 2 Study Guide
Week 3 More acoustics: periodic waveform types, dynamic spectra, aperiodic waveforms, pitch and frequency, harmonic series

MIDI hardware, General MIDI, Standard MIDI Files, MIDI messages
Quiz 3; Quiz 4 Acoustics 2 app
Quiz 3 Study Guide

MIDI reading
MIDI Messages app (1–2)
Quiz 4 Study Guide
Week 4 More MIDI messages: note-on and note-off, with velocity; aftertouch, control change, pitch bend, program change Quiz 5 MIDI Messages app (3–6)
Quiz 5 Study Guide
Week 5 Synthesis with Reason, filters, modulation with LFOs

Sampling, sample preparation in Audacity, CV and pattern sequencing
Quiz 6 Modulation app (1–4)
Quiz 6 Study Guide
Week 6 Introduction to audio files in Reason, digital audio concepts, formants and pitch correction

Digital audio concepts: ADC chain, sampling rate, aliasing
Quiz 7 Digital Audio 1
Quiz 7 Study Guide
Week 7 Digital audio concepts: sampling resolution, lossy compression Quiz 8 Digital Audio 2
Quiz 8 Study Guide
Week 8 No quiz