Syllabus Information

The dates given in the Week column are for the Monday of the week.

Work in the Assignments column is listed in the week in which the work is due. Be sure to look down to later rows to see what you need to be working on! The items in the Homework column indicate the day the homework is due. (“for Wed” means you need to do the homework before the Wednesday class.)

There may be a short online quiz about the homework on these days, after we have had a chance to review the material in class. A quiz may cover all of the reading done since the last quiz. Makeup quizzes are given only in the case of excused absences.

“Homework” means: work you can do at home. In other words, you usually do not need to be in M373 to do this work, though it may sometimes be necessary. Assignments must be done in M373, unless you own the Reason software. You are expected to spend time outside of class doing the assignments in M373. There will not be enough work time in class to finish them.