Exercise B: Modulation

Using BEAP, create a patch that includes frequency modulation to produce vibrato. Also include either tremolo or an automatic wah-wah (timbre modulation) effect.


Start with some form of the “basic patch.” Add an LFO module (from the LFO category), and connect one of its outlets to the CV2 inlet of your VCO. What dial controls the depth of vibrato?

Once you figure that out, use another LFO to control filter cutoff frequency (wah-wah) or amplitude (tremolo). For those, you need to know which parameter of which module requires input from an LFO.

Two modules that can help you manipulate control voltage signals: Attenuator, and Gain and Bias (use its popup menu to convert between bipolar and unipolar signals).


  • Save your patcher window to disk as “Exercise B.maxpat,” and submit this in Canvas.

Grading Criteria

This assignment will be graded pass/fail. If it produces sound and implements two of the three main kinds of modulation, you pass. You may ask for help with it during tutorial before submitting it on Thursday night.