Here is a list of Auzzie modules and what they do.


These modules synthesize sound, so they have no audio input.

The left inlet receives a list of two integers: MIDI note number and MIDI velocity (both 0-127). To play a note, you need two such lists, one for note on, with non-zero velocity, followed by another for note off, with zero velocity. Note off triggers the release stage of the envelope.

Sample Players

These modules play sound files. You drag a sound file into a rectangle within the module. It’s a good idea to copy a sound file into the folder that contains your patch before dragging it into a module.


These effect modules accept an audio cable from any of the synthesizers and sample players, and they offer an audio cable to other effects or the OUT module.

These modules take stereo input and generate stereo output.


These modules perform various audio routing or mixing tasks.

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