Introduction to Computer Music: Volume One

Chapter One: Acoustics

  1. Introduction
  2. Sound
  3. Speed of Sound
  4. Sound Waves
  5. Frequency and Wavelength
  6. Amplitude
  7. Wave Shape
  8. Phase
  9. Resonance
  10. Reflection
  11. Reverberation
  12. Standing Waves
  13. How the Ear Works
  14. Pitch and Tuning
  15. Loudness
  16. Timbre
  17. Localization
  18. Music Cognition
  19. References

Chapter Two: Studio Gear

  1. Introduction
  2. Cables and Connectors
  3. Microphones
  4. Mixing Consoles
  5. Signal Processing

Chapter Three: MIDI

  1. How MIDI Works
  2. Digital Performer

Chapter Four: Synthesis

  1. History
  2. Waveforms
  3. Filters
  4. Analog Synthesis Concepts
  5. Modulation
  6. Patches
  7. FM Synthesis
  8. AM and Ring Modulation
  9. Phase Vocoding
  10. Convolution

Chapter Five: Digital Audio

  1. Overview
  2. Binary Numbers
  3. Sampling
  4. Nyquist Theorem
  5. Sampling Rates
  6. Quantization
  7. DACs
  8. Audio File Formats
  9. References

History and Literature

  1. 20th Century Electronic Music History Timeline
  2. Overview and Early History


  1. Online Texts and Electronic Resources
  2. Equal Temperament Frequency/MIDI Chart

About the Author

Jeffrey Hass, Professor Emeritus; Director Emeritus of the Center for Electronic and Computer Music.  D.M., Indiana University, 1989. Recent compositions premiered by the Louisville Orchestra and Concordia Chamber Orchestra. Performances at Lincoln Center, national conferences of the Society of Composers, Inc., the College Music Society, the International Computer Music Conference and the Society for Electro-acoustic Music in the U.S. (SEAMUS). Works published by the Ludwig Music Company and MMB Music Publishers. ASCAP/NIssim Award, National Band Association/Revelli Award, Walter Beeler Memorial Award, Lee Ettelson/Composers Inc. Award, Meet the Composer, Master Fellowship, Indiana Arts Commission/NEA. Former instructor of music theory and composition at Rutgers University and Interlochen Center for the Arts. Listen to music by Jeffrey Hass

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