Below are macOS and Windows versions of RTcmixShell, an application that lets you edit and run RTcmix scores without having to learn Unix shell commands. This app is very basic and somewhat crash-prone, especially on Windows. Please save your scores often. (Mac - latest version, Apple Silicon) (Mac - latest version, Intel) (Mac - previous Intel version) (Mac - old version) (Windows)

Please note that the Windows version of RTcmixShell is not as up-to-date as the Mac one, and it may have trouble with certain audio devices. (You might need to use a different audio buffer size than the default.)

Mac Instructions

You can put this application anywhere on your Mac, but the Applications folder is a good choice. When you double-click the app the first time, it may ask you for permission to use the microphone. Make sure you give it permission! Despite the wording of the question, this affects audio output also. If you don’t give it permission when it asks, you won’t hear any sound. You should be able to give it permission later by going to System Settings > Privacy & Security and pressing the Microphone item. Look for RTcmixShell in the list at the right. Flip the switch next to RTcmixShell to give it microphone permission. (This behavior depends on the version of macOS you have.)

Learning RTcmix

One way to get started with RTcmix is to read this tutorial, while typing in the example code and making changes to it.

RTcmix Tutorial