MIDI Messages App

Interactive Application: MIDI Messages

This application covers the basic structure of MIDI messages, as well as some details of the channel voice message types, including note-on/off, aftertouch, control change, pitch bend, and program change messages.

Download the application as a .zip archive, and uncompress it if necessary. It will probably be in your Downloads folder. You can run it from anywhere.

Version for Mac

Download the Mac version.

When you first launch this, you will see an alert warning you that the application was downloaded from the Internet. Just press okay.

Version for Windows

Download the Windows version.

If the downloaded file is still compressed (has a zipper icon), then right-click on it, and choose Extract All, and use the suggested location for the uncompressed folder. Double-click that folder to open it.

To launch the app, open its folder, and double-click the first file that has the app’s name. This file has a dark icon enclosing the number 8. For the Acoustics-1 app, it looks like this in the Windows File Explorer.

Launching the Acoustics 1 app on a Windows computer