Quiz Schedule and Study Guides

This schedule lists the short online quizzes given during the term, as well as the material each quiz covers.

The material covered by each quiz will be reviewed in class. A quiz may cover all of the reading done since the last quiz. Makeup quizzes are given only in the case of excused absences.

Please note that the Week column does not give the particular day for a quiz. It could be any day during the week the quiz is listed, or even the following week.

Week Topic Quiz Material
Week 1 No quiz
Week 2 Basic acoustics: sound waves amplitude, SPL Quiz 1 Acoustics reading
Quiz 1 Study Guide
Week 3 No quiz
Week 4 More acoustics: periodic waves, waveform displays, Fourier analysis; harmonic partials, additive synthesis, inharmonic partials Quiz 2 Acoustics 1 app
Quiz 2 Study Guide
Week 5 More acoustics: periodic waveform types, dynamic spectra, aperiodic waveforms, pitch and frequency, harmonic series Quiz 3 Acoustics 2 app
Quiz 3 Study Guide
Week 6 MIDI hardware, General MIDI, Standard MIDI Files, MIDI messages Quiz 4 MIDI reading
MIDI Messages app (1–2)
Quiz 4 Study Guide
Week 7 More MIDI messages: note-on and note-off, with velocity; aftertouch, control change, pitch bend, program change Quiz 5 MIDI Messages app (3–6)
Quiz 5 Study Guide
Week 8 No quiz
Week 9 No quiz
Spring Break
Week 10 Sampling, CV and pattern sequencing Quiz 6 Modulation app (1–4)
Quiz 6 Study Guide
Week 11 Digital audio concepts Quiz 7 Digital Audio 1
Quiz 7 Study Guide
Week 12 Digital audio concepts Quiz 8 Digital Audio 2
Quiz 8 Study Guide
Week 13 No quiz
Week 14 How basic audio effects work: Filters and EQ, vocoder. Delay effects; dynamics processing Quiz 9 Filters and EQ
Delay Effects
Dynamics Effects
Quiz 9 Study Guide
Week 15 No quiz