Quiz 3 Study Guide

How to Study for Quiz 3

This quiz covers all five pages of the Acoustics 2 app.

Make sure you understand the following terms and concepts. “(p. 1)” means the information is discussed on page one of the app.

  • differences between sine, sawtooth, and square spectra (p. 1):
    • Which harmonic partial numbers do they have in common?
    • Which harmonic partials are omitted from the sine and square spectra?
  • What are some differences between the spectrum of a piano note and that of a sawtooth waveform with the same fundamental frequency? (p. 2)
  • aperiodic waveform (p. 3)
  • white noise, pink noise (p. 3)
  • musical interval (p. 4)
  • frequency ratio between the two pitches of an octave (p. 4)
  • harmonic series (p. 5)