CECM Concerts

Visit the Jacobs School of Music to enjoy concerts of electronic music, including compositions for instrument and electronics, multichannel fixed media works, data-driven instrument performance, and audio-visual pieces. Concerts in Auer Hall are held every December and April. Other concerts happen earlier in the fall and spring semesters.

Chi Wang performing her Peony Garden (April 2019)
Shuyu Lin and Ryan Chao performing Lin’s Dimness (December 2019)
Ben S. Jacob performing his For Who Can Stop the Wind, for Hyperaeolian Harp (December 2019)
Felipe Tovar-Henao performing his «Umbra» — Improvisation for Handmade Photo-Controller  (December 2019)
Jake Simons performing Alex Tedrow’s Biff (December 2019)
Chase Fox performing Yuseok Seol’s Tortoise’s Impromptu (December 2019)
John Cloeter performing Patrick Lenz’s Sleep Talker (December 2019)
Stephen Karukas performs his A Star to Shatter the Sky (April 2019)
Jake Gunnar Walsh performing Felipe Tovar-Henao’s «Ataxia» (April 2019)
Kevin Flynn performing John Gibson’s Red Plumes (April 2019)
Yuseok Seol performing his (Dysto)pianism (April 2019)
Julianna Eidle performing Felipe Tovar-Henao’s «Arborescencia» (December 2018)
Matthew Ridge performing his Small Talk (A Portrait of Social Skepticism) (December 2018)
Neil Cain performing Lang Chen’s Feuille d’Album (December 2018)