MM in Computer Music Composition

Our Master of Music degree in Computer Music Composition gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and pursue new avenues for the composition and performance of electronic music. We specialize in composition for multichannel fixed media, instruments and live electronics, data-driven instruments, and audiovisual media. We encourage students to explore all of these and more, through a series of courses, intensive independent work, and multi-disciplinary collaborations. We offer frequent individual guidance, tailored to your specific background and goals.

Doctoral student Felip-Tovar Henao, Prof. Wang, Prof. Gibson

Our master’s degree provides rigorous training in both musical and technical areas. We use familiar digital audio workstation software as well as popular computer music applications, such as Max, Kyma, RTcmix, and SuperCollider. Students create their music in the state-of-the-art Center for Electronic and Computer Music facilities and have access to campus-wide high technology, as well as the extraordinary talents of approximately 1500 music students.

You may work toward the MM:CMC degree concurrently or consecutively with the MM degree in Music Composition, sharing the same core courses.

We prefer that you have an undergraduate degree in music composition or music technology with a substantial music composition component. Other undergraduate degrees also are welcome, as long as you can demonstrate the practical musical skills that you would acquire while pursuing an undergraduate degree in a school or department of music.

You need not have any experience in computer music. Our courses give you a full introduction to a range of approaches to electronic music media.

To apply, submit a portfolio of electronic and acoustic compositions (with scores, recordings/videos) and a complete list of compositions with dates. Please consult the pre-screen requirements and the general application procedure on the Jacobs School Admissions and Financial Aid website, as well as the degree requirements. The application deadline is December 1.

Please note that our focus is on contemporary art music (often described as “new music”), rather than on EDM or other popular music genres. To see what we’re about, please visit the CECM Concerts page, and watch video from one of our concerts.

If you have specific questions about the degree, your qualifications, or the Center for Electronic and Computer Music in general, please contact Prof. John Gibson at

Minors for Composition Majors

If you are an undergraduate composition major, you can add a minor in electronic music. Please see the details in the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin (under “Minor in Electronic Music”).

If you are a master’s composition major, you can fit electronic music into your degree as Other Required Credits. You can get a minor in electronic music if you take 12 credits (4 courses). Please see the details in the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin (under “Other Required Credits”).

If you are a doctoral composition major, you can use electronic music as one of your doctoral minors. Please see the details in the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin (under “Minor in Electronic Music”).