Assignment 1 Checklist

Check Assignment 1 Requirements

The sequence you turn in must conform to these requirements.

  • It must last at least 1 minute, but no more than 3 minutes.

    To check the total duration, scroll to the end of your sequence, click in the measure ruler to set the playback position pointer there, and look at the Time Position field. This is just to the left of the Rewind button and shows hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds.

  • It must use at least 6 Instrument tracks. Keep in mind the advice given on the Assignment 1 page about the relative levels of activity among your tracks: do not have all the instruments playing all the time, and do not have only one instrument playing at a time for the entire sequence.
  • Create music that has a clear pulse. (This does not require using drums.)
  • The pulses put out by your music should align with the beats shown in the sequencer, proving that you used the metronome when doing any recording.
  • Your tracks should have decent timing. Listen critically, and ask a classmate to listen as well. Apply quantization where necessary.
  • Your sequence should employ some element of contrast: a change of key, harmonic progression, melody, texture, and/or orchestration.
  • If you have repetitive parts, such as drum loops, do something to them so that they do not repeat literally throughout the sequence.
  • Each track should have a volume and pan setting in the Main Mixer. If I look at the Main Mixer and see all the tracks set to the default values, I’ll assume that you did not think about this.
  • All tracks must be named something short and musically descriptive (e.g., “Bass”). This name will appear in the Instrument device, its Mix Channel device, its Sequencer track, and its Channel Strip in the Main Mixer. To change the name, double-click the name in the Sequencer track, and edit it.
  • Delete all unused devices and tracks.
  • If you used someone else’s music as the basis for your sequence, be sure to give credit via a comment in Canvas.
  • Follow the assignment submission instructions.