Assignment 2 Checklist

Check Assignment 2 Requirements

The sequence you turn in must conform to these requirements.

  • It must use as a starting point one of the sequences I made available.
  • It must last at least 1 minute, but no more than 3 minutes.
  • It must use at least 6 Instrument tracks.
  • It must transform the existing music into something radically different, but musically convincing. Use your imagination to come up with something I’ve never heard before. If it sounds too much like the original, I will think that you haven’t tried hard enough.
  • That means you will need to rearrange some of the existing musical material — moving, copying or omitting measures, adding new tracks with notes that double an existing track or otherwise complement it.
  • Add some new tracks of your own design that work well with the tracks based on the existing music.
  • You must thoroughly mix your sequence, selecting specific volume and pan settings for every track. Also, you must have changing volume or pan automation in at least 3 of your tracks.
  • You must use a send effect, with an RV7000 Advanced Reverb assigned as the effect.
  • You must create at least one tempo change. If you don’t like the way it sounds, disable it by muting the tempo change lane. But leave the tempo change in the Transport track so that I can see that you’ve tried it.
  • All tracks must be named something short and musically descriptive (e.g., “Guitar”). This name appears in the Instrument device, its Mix Channel device, its Sequencer track, and its Channel Strip in the Main Mixer. To change the name, double-click the name in the Sequencer track, and edit it.
  • Delete any unused tracks, lanes, and devices.
  • Follow the assignment submission instructions.