Assignment 3 Checklist

Check Assignment 3 Requirements

The sequence you turn in must conform to these requirements.

  • Your sequence must last at least 90 seconds, and must involve extensive modification and shaping of the sound material.

    It will not be adequate just to drop the entire audio file into the sequence and simply improvise an Instrument track to go with it.

    Listen carefully to the poetry reading. Find ways to bring out the latent music in the poetry by manipulating the poetry clips and adding Instrument tracks that provide a musical context for the reading. Or use time-scaling and pitch-editing (or Neptune pitch correction) to impose your own rhythm and pitch on the poetry, in order to make it fit your music.

  • Use at least two audio tracks and at least two Instrument tracks. Some ways you might use multiple audio tracks:
    • layer the poetry sounds,
    • process the poetry sounds in more than one way (one way per track), or
    • add some other sound files to your sequence.
  • Be sure to get rid of any clicks and pops at the edges of audio clips by using the fadein and fadeout envelope controls within clips.
  • Time-scale at least one audio clip.
  • Transpose at least one audio clip, or use Neptune to process the pitch and/or formants of an audio track.
  • Perform a complete mix of your sequence by using the facilities of the Main Mixer.
  • Use some insert and/or send effects, in addition to any Neptune devices, and in addition to the effects inside of any Combinators provided by Reason. One good choice is to set up a global reverb as a send effect, for multiple tracks to share.
  • All tracks must be named something short and musically descriptive (e.g., “Piano”). This name appears in the Instrument device, its Mix Channel device, its Sequencer track, and its Channel Strip in the Main Mixer. To change the name, double-click the name in the Sequencer track, and edit it.
  • Delete all unused devices and tracks.
  • If you used someone else’s music as the basis for your sequence, be sure to give credit in Canvas when you submit your file.
  • Follow the assignment submission instructions.