Quiz 3 Study Guide

How to Study for Quiz 3

This quiz covers the MIDI web page and the the MIDI Messages app.

Make sure you understand the following terms and concepts. “(p. 1)” means that page one of the app contains relevant information. No page number means that the MIDI web page covers the concept.

  • What is a MIDI message?
  • MIDI channel
  • MIDI interface and cables
  • direct USB connection between a computer and a MIDI device
  • the General MIDI (GM) standard: program bank organization, drums on channel 10
  • Standard MIDI File
  • MIDI protocol (p. 1)
  • MIDI message structure: status byte, data bytes (p. 1)
  • What two pieces of information does a status byte convey? (p. 2)
  • the 8 different types of MIDI message (p. 2)
  • Is there a MIDI message type that conveys duration? (p. 2)
  • channel voice messages (p. 3)
  • What range of values does a MIDI data byte have? (p. 3)
  • What two pieces of information are conveyed by the data bytes of a note-on message? (p. 3)
  • channel pressure (aftertouch) message (p. 3)
  • What two pieces of information are conveyed by the data bytes of a control change message? (p. 4)
  • continuous vs. switch control change messages (p. 4)
  • Which control change messages have a standard, specific aural effect across most patches? (p. 4)
  • How does the range of values for a pitch bend message differ from that of other message types? (p. 5)
  • What is the motivation for having a different range of values for pitch bend? (p. 5)