Pattern Changes

Reason: Redrum Pattern Changes

If you have several patterns stored in Redrum, you can arrange your patterns to make a musical phrase. The Reason Sequencer lets you control when one pattern switches to another.

Drawing Pattern Changes in the Sequencer

Draw pattern automation clips in the Sequencer to specify how Redrum patterns should change.

  1. Right-click on the Redrum pattern grid, and choose Edit Automation.

    Edit Automation menu command for the Redrum pattern selection grid

    A pattern lane appears in the Redrum sequencer track.

    Play-enable button for a pattern select lane in the Reason sequencer

  2. Choose the pencil tool from the Toolbar.

    The tool bar in the Reason sequencer

  3. Click in the Redrum Pattern Select lane with the pencil tool, and drag over several measures. This gives you one pattern clip bearing the name of the pattern (e.g., A1, as in the picture below).

    A pattern clip in the Reason sequencer

  4. Do that again, starting in the measure after the first pattern.
  5. With the arrow tool, click on the pattern name in the second clip, and choose one of your other patterns from the popup menu.

    Popup menu to change the pattern bank and number for a pattern clip in the Reason sequencer

  6. Resize handle for a pattern clip in the Reason sequencer

    You can change the position and length of pattern clips after you draw them into the track. Using the arrow tool, drag one of the clip resize handles that appear on the left and right ends of the clip.

    If you want to start or stop a clip on something other than a measure boundary, choose a note value from the Snap menu in the Toolbar before dragging or resizing a pattern clip.

  7. A measure in the sequence that is not covered by a pattern clip will be silent. This is a great way to have the drums stop for a while before bringing them back in suddenly. It’s also the way to keep Redrum from playing past the end of your sequence.

This procedure works for other devices that use stored patterns, such as the Matrix Pattern Sequencer and the Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player.

Recording Pattern Changes

You can also record your pattern grid button presses while the sequence is playing, though you may have to edit the results by using the techniques described above.

  1. Make sure the Redrum track in the Sequencer has automation record-enabled. Click the button circled below to make it red.

    Automation record-enable button for a track in the Reason sequencer

  2. Select the pattern in Redrum that you would like to start with.
  3. Press Record and, while listening to the pattern, wait for the measure before the one in which you would like to change the pattern, and then click the next pattern button(s). Some boxes appear in the Redrum sequencer track. These are pattern clips.

    Keep doing this for all your pattern changes. It can be tricky, but it’s kind of fun.

  4. When you finish recording, rewind and listen. Your pattern changes should happen automatically.