Assignment 3 Checklist

Check Assignment 3 Requirements

Here are the requirements for each part of the assignment.

CAUTION: Do not use this checklist as a substitute for reading the instructions for each part of the assignment! The checklist doesn’t tell you everything you need to do to get the right results. It just serves as a handy summary.

Part 1: SubTractor Synthesis

One SubTractor patch in which...

  • both oscillators are set to a sawtooth waveform, with the oscillators either detuned or tuned to produce some musical interval;
  • the amplitude envelope has a slow attack and a slow release;
  • you use a low-pass filter with a very low cutoff frequency and a moderate amount of resonance; and
  • the modulation wheel is configured to raise the cutoff frequency when you move up the mod. wheel.

Save your patch settings as part of a Reason song file named “Part 1.”

NOTE: Please do not save your file as a Reason patch file. Save the entire rack as a song file, like you’ve been doing for your other assignments. The same goes for the other parts of this assignment.

Part 2: More SubTractor Synthesis

One SubTractor patch in which...

  • polyphony is set to 1 (monophonic), with legato mode engaged and a non-zero portamento time;
  • the two oscillators are configured to create ring modulation, with the oscillators tuned to different pitches and using whatever waveforms you like;
  • an LFO modulates the frequencies of both oscillators, using whatever waveform you like, with the modulation wheel controlling the modulation depth. Make sure the LFO1 Amount knob is all the way down, so that when the mod. wheel is down, there is no modulation.

Save your patch settings as part of a Reason song file named “Part 2.”

Part 3: Sampling

One NN-19 sampler patch in which...

  • you incorporate at least two sound files, trimmed and converted in a sound editor if necessary; and
  • you create a multi-sampled key map using your sound files, mapped to the keyboard in any way you like. Make sure that the root key for each sample lies within the key zone for that sample.

Save your patch settings as part of a Reason song file named “Part 3.”

WARNING: Be sure that you used the File > Song Self-Contain Settings command to incorporate your sound files into the Reason song file.

Part 4: Pattern Sequencing

A Reason rack containing one SubTractor and one Matrix device, all properly configured and connected with patch cables.

  • The SubTractor must use a monophonic patch having a low-pass filter with low cutoff frequency and non-zero resonance.
  • You must program three patterns in the Matrix device, stored in locations A1, A2, and A3.
  • Your patterns must contain — in addition to notes and velocities — a Curve CV pattern that controls the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter in the SubTractor device.
  • Sequence some pattern changes in the Matrix track (using all three patterns). This works just as it does for Redrum.

Save your patch settings as part of a Reason song file named “Part 4.”

Assignment Submission

Follow the assignment submission instructions to submit all four Reason song files.